Here we grow!

Eleanor enjoying a recent trip to IKEA

Eleanor enjoying a recent trip to IKEA

I can't believe how quickly things are moving. It's been just over a week since we made the announcement that North Texas Yoga will open a studio on the square in historic downtown McKinney. Since that time, all the pieces have continued to fall into place so smoothly. For those of you who are familiar with us, North Texas Yoga is a family affair. For me, family isn't only about who you share blood with, but those people who always have your back and support you 110% of the time with their love and energy! Our "family" has been amazing. From friends showing up to help build furniture and load props onto shelves, to extended family of friends hooking us up with amazing deals on things we need to open our doors (signage!), it's been incredible. I truly believe it takes a village and North Texas Yoga is all about community! 

I grew up in a family-owned business and know it's hard work, but my husband and daughter are learning those lessons quickly! I am in constant awe of Steven, as he tweaks the website, and changes out 20 lightbulbs from 12  feet in the air! Eleanor loves being able to help mommy with the studio and is always a big fan of anything that requires a trip to Ikea! 

It's all coming together. Our vision of a space in McKinney that creates a home for our ever-growing yoga community. We're taking your feedback and making changes and additions to the schedule and getting ready to open our doors April 6th. As of today, you can already begin purchasing memberships and signing up for classes with our new online store located in the SCHEDULE page. We can't wait to share this space with you and roll out our mats. It's going to be special. 


Laura, Steven and Eleanor King