North Texas Yoga offers a variety of prenatal and postnatal services.

Prenatal Yoga

Our prenatal yoga classes help you manage stress during this special time in your life while providing you with tools for fitness and relaxation. Prenatal yoga provides expectant mothers with the opportunity to stay in shape throughout their pregnancy while still recognizing the changes that are happening to your body. Our teachers provide modifications to meet your needs during the different stages of your pregnancy and create an atmosphere that fosters your internal and external strength. Our prenatal classes are offered throughout the year.

Investment: $99/six week series

Our next prenatal series will begin September 7, 2019. Register here.

Postnatal Services

North Texas Yoga offers postnatal belly binding services. This is a great way to assist in pulling everything back together after pregnancy and helps with posture and toning. The service includes an oil treatment for the belly, head and scalp treatment, and assisted Thai massage for the hips and lower limbs. We incorporate traditional rebozo techniques and Bengkung binding that helps to:

  • Flatten the tummy, reduce weight, and tone the body

  • Protect the internal organs and help swollen organs return to their pre-pregnancy state

  • Tighten the the abdomen and other parts of the body that have sagged or lost their muscle tone after childbirth

  • Promote good posture that will aid in breastfeeding

  • Break down fat and cellulite

This service can be provided at our studio or in your home. This service is recommended as early as 3-5 days post-delivery (6 weeks post-Caesarean) and is beneficial up to 3-4 months postpartum.

For more information or to schedule this service, please contact Laura.